Territorial Designation

Territories are based on availability. Regional territories are based on ZIP and postal codes.  Zip and postal codes were originally designed as mailing routes and not territorial boundaries, therefore not all boundaries match perfectly.  If a dispute arises about a specific territory, each member should contact Top Window Cleaners to resolve the matter.  Top Window Cleaners will consider each party’s claim and offer a solution.  In the case of a dispute, Top Window Cleaners is always the final authority.

Responsibilities as a Top Window Cleaners member

  • Top Window Cleaners asks its members to provide excellence in customer service.
  • Arrive on time for all appointments.
  • Arrive in clean, appropriate work uniform.
  • Promptly contact generated leads, preferably within thirty minutes.
  • Client payment is to be received only after the job is completed to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • We require all our members to carry a minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance.  Top Window Cleaners members must scan and send a copy of their insurance certificate to us and continue to keep their insurance updated and in good standing.
  • We encourage all Top Window Cleaners members to provide reviews.  Customer reviews greatly increase your search engine rankings.  Reviews can be submitted to Topwindowcleaners.com.

Top Window Cleaners brand products

We encourage Top Window Cleaners members to use the Top Window Cleaners brand products for their services as needed.  We do not give members the right to revise, edit or change the product’s appearance or use in any way.  If a Top Window Cleaners member wants to use the brand in a way that is not suggested by Top Window Cleaners, please email us for permission.

Top Window Cleaners disclaimer

Each member is independently owned and operated and assumes 100% responsibility for any damages, whether physical or material, incurred at any point while operating as a Top Window Cleaners member.  Top Window Cleaners does not provide any revenue, lead generation or search engine rank guarantees to its members.  Top Window Cleaners holds no responsibility for the actions of any member.  Top Window Cleaners is not responsible should a member not have a valid insurance policy or should a member’s insurance policy not cover any damages incurred.

Duration of the Membership Agreement

Membership agreement is month to month and can be canceled at anytime with a 30 day written notice after a 3 month price contract.  Promotional discount agreements, where less than full price is paid, are subject to a one year agreement.

Membership agreement renewal

Renewal – If no cancellation notice is received a minimum of 30 days before the end of the contract, the agreement will renew automatically for the subsequent one month period.

Membership agreement cancellation or termination

  • Cancellation notice must be provided with 30 days advance notice by emailing Top Window Cleaners with the subject line “Cancellation of the Membership Agreement”.
  • Termination of membership by Top Window Cleaners can occur if the member fails to comply with the Membership Agreement.
  • When the Membership Agreement is cancelled or terminated, all rights to products and services will be lost immediately.  Continuing to use products or services following contract termination will constitute intent of continued membership and require continuation of fees paid to Top Window Cleaners.  Top Window Cleaners will take legal action against any former member using the Top Window Cleaners brand, or any intellectual property belonging to or created by Top Window Cleaners.  Customer data received from the terminated member’s region may continue to be used in future Top Window Cleaners marketing campaigns.

Agreement and Payment

To improve the level of service and accountability we provide, Top Window Cleaners reserves the right to make changes to the membership agreement.  We will notify members of any changes that are being made in a timely manner.

Membership payments can be paid annually or monthly.  Members with accounts 30 days overdue will be considered in breach of contract and their membership contract may be terminated.  By applying for membership you agree in entirety to this membership agreement as well as to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Money back guarantee

Top Window Cleaners is committed to adding value to your company and ours.  Our goal is to improve your company by giving it an edge in the marketplace.  If for any reason this business model does not fit the needs of your business, you can cancel within 30 days. Welcome to the Top Window Cleaners Team!

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