We are neat, clean and respect each property or business as if it were our own.  Towels or drop cloths are used inside and we clean the entire window – not just the glass. We clean sills, tracks, frames and screens, inside and out. Glass surfaces are washed with a cleaning solution formulated for use with high-quality squeegee equipment and will not harm tinting or other protective films. After each window is cleaned, we will dry the perimeter of each pane where water collects.

Here’s a complete window cleaning description of what to expect when we clean your commercial windows:

  • We then begin cleaning the insides of your windows first, using a soft strip washer and a specialized window washing solution.
  • After applying our window cleaning solution with our strip washers, we squeegee the water off and towel dry the edges.
  • We then start the process of cleaning the outside of your windows, we use the same process for the outside cleaning as we do on the inside.
  • If Pure water technology is used we will scrub and rinse all windows and ledges thoroughly until clean.
  • To finish up, we will walk around your building/project to double check the windows, we will make sure everything is put back in place and that you are completely satisfied.