There are five things every home or business owner should consider when choosing a contractor to clean their windows.

Giving Back

How does the company you choose give back to your community? We recognize the incredible opportunity we have to own a business, serve others, and to give back. Because of that, a percentage of all profits’ contributes towards helping those less fortunate. We support Samaritan’s Purse and Calvary Chapel Missions both financially and with our prayers, with 10% of profits/sales given to charity. It is our number one focus.


This is the first question you should always ask, it says everything about a company if they don’t have it. Each Window Cleaning Services Plus company has at least $1 million insurance, and for your peace of mind all business owners’ insurance has been verified.


It starts with connections a company is deemed trustworthy when they put their client’s interest first. This is accomplished by showing their clients that they care, not just telling them. Professional window cleaning companies that are a part of have been verified to have great references and reviews in their local community.

The safety of your family and property is your primary concern and trust is a major part of choosing a window cleaner. How do you know you can trust them in your home or business? Each of them has a long-standing professional reputation with the customers they have served. Ask for local references and reviews.

You can start checking their qualifications by asking yourselves these questions:

1.) How long have they been in the window cleaning business?

2.) How much liability insurance do they carry?

3.) Why should you choose them instead of another company?

As a member of, we are certifying they are the best of the best in your area. Believe us – if we trust them, you can too.


As with trust, professionalism plays a key role in showing clients that our window cleaning companies care. Our companies show they care; they don’t just talk about it. Our PROACT policy represents all aspects of professionalism and care: preparation, reputation, organization, appearance, communication, and timeliness. These are all excellent considerations to help you to choose a window cleaner you can trust, not just for this time, but for many years to come.


This is a bonus from any company that offers it and says to their customers that they are confident enough of their operation and service to offer one. All business owners are required to come back for free guarantee or offer up to $1000 back for any client that is dissatisfied with their service. However our contractors are so sure of the quality of their work that we don’t expect you’ll ever have to ask for a refund! Our top priority is to make sure you are a satisfied customer. Find out more about our satisfaction guarantee.