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Want to be a Top Window Cleaner?

We take pride in only working with the most qualified service providers in your area.

If you are an established professional company in your area and qualify to become a member, we have the tools to help you get to the next level! If you are a recently established company that is compelled to be a TOP window cleaner in your area, we can help you achieve this goal. Apply now to be part of an exclusive pool of window cleaning business owners.

We take personal interest in the reputation of every company we recommend. Only ONE window washing company qualifies out of the many that exist in each city.  This territory or city will be exclusively yours.  We are looking for companies that have the experience and skill to be at the TOP.  This is important because your company’s reputation becomes our reputation.


Why becoming a partner with us matters?

Having a window cleaning and property maintenance business for over twenty years, we understand the needs and wants of clients.  Top Window Cleaners provides your clients what they are looking for.

Our ultimate goal is to help YOU achieve your goals.  With lead capturing tools and your NEW professional image, you will have what you need to become the TOP company in your area.

We will be continually adding additional services to help you as your business grows.

We will monitor feedback from your customers to ensure that customer satisfaction is at an optimal level.  We will continually update reviews and testimonials so you can be assured that your current level of service will meet the needs of your clients

Part of the final process is to personally verify the liability insurance held by our window cleaners.  We want to make sure it is the right kind and the right amount to protect you from the uncertainties of owning a business.  We can also review customer contracts you are currently using to confirm that they provide you with accurate information and protection.

With a professional image and the tools to capture more customers you can beat out competition, expand your company and get to the next level of being a TOP window cleaning company.


Qualifications for Membership:

  • Quick response time to all Top Window Cleaners leads in thirty minutes or less.
  • At least $1 million in valid liability insurance.
  • Agree to uphold Top Window Cleaners guarantees and standards.
  • At least 2 years experience as a window cleaning business owner.
  • Great reviews with no unresolved complaints.
  • A desire to excel in your market.

Each application is carefully reviewed by our team. Our mission is to join with TOP window cleaning companies in each city.

  • Members receive tools to enhance their current website and their own customized website at
  • Our team provides search engine optimization for each member site.
  • Members receives exclusive rights to use the Top Window Cleaners name in their territory.
  • Our team provides marketing and promotion of the Top Window Cleaners brand.
  • Every lead generated on the website for your territory is forwarded immediately to you.
  • Our members receive the rights to signs, flyers, cards, logos, and a multitude of other  marketing tools we provide to you as a member.
  • We provide professional SEO optimized copy writing for your website.
  • Members receive discounts negotiated by us on your behalf for window cleaning supplies.
  • Members receive our exclusive online members forum training videos.

Membership Details

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What Sets Us Apart

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